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[21-12-2009] Dalla Corte at the climate conference, Copenhagen

Dalla Corte- the "GREEN" technology at the UN climate change conference, Copenhagen

We are proud to announce that the Dalla Corte espresso system has been used during the COP15 event in Copenhagen, Dec 7-Dec 18, 2009. Dalla Corte's partner in Denmark "KONTRA Coffee" was asked specifically to run the 3 coffee bars of the conference center for 2 main reasons.

"We have to prove 2 things - serving a high quality coffee and at the same time saving a maximum amount of energy", says Kurt Dalsgaard from KONTRA. "This is only possible by using the Dalla Corte technology. In the coffee industry heating of water during brewing is one of the major sinners in terms of emission of CO2 - this is why the Dalla Corte system fits very well into the purpose of this important event." KONTRA is expecting 3500 shots every day, prepared by more than 40 baristas.

The dc-pro has taken energy saving to a new level, you can set each individual brewing unit to turn on and off at given points throughout the day. But, rather than turning the unit off entirely it can be reduced to run at 30%. An element takes a larger amount of energy to heat up from cold than it does from luke warm, and at luke warm (30%) there is a very small amount of energy consumed. This is ground breaking stuff for espresso machine manufacturers world wide and once again the Dalla Corte family are involved in the innovations.

For more information in the dc pro contact us at +32 (o)52 49 90 70 or send an email : ingrid.bogaert@schuilenburg.com



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Dalla Corte at the climate conference, Copenhagen


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