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Milan, 10.10.2008

Topic: WBC espresso machine sponsorship 2008

Dear Partners!

With this letter, we intend to react to the increasing amount of comments and enquiries sent to us in relation to the WBC espresso machine sponsorship for the World Barista Championship for the next 3 years which was intensively discussed.

The announcement of the sponsorship was posted on the WBC website in form of a video (http://www.worldbaristachampionship.com/news.htm).
Some people apparently deduced from this clip that the award of the espresso machine sponsorship was entirely based on the technical characteristics of the machines. We are very concerned to clarify that this impression is entirely wrong.
Therefore, we want to present a short description of the WBC procedure:
The nomination for a potential sponsorship was based on the official WBC Technical Standards Test in Vancouver of January this year. In this test, machines selected from a total of 6 manufacturers were analysed according to certain technical functions. Only three machines - Dalla Corte, Nuova Simonelli and La Marzocco passed this test. However, these results were not published. The WBC then granted these three manufactures the possibility of participating in monetary competitive bidding for the sponsorship engagement over the next 3 years. Therefore, the selection of the future espresso machine sponsor is not based on the results of the
Technical Standards Test at all but on the highest monetary offer. At this point, we would like to congratulate Nuova Simonelli on winning the competitive bidding, and wish them all the best for the future.
To us, one thing is clear: For Dalla Corte, nothing has changed by the grant of the espresso machine sponsorship. We are still true to our mission to develop highly innovative espresso systems that meet the requirements of the Specialty Coffee market.

We are sure that we are on the right road with our latest technologies – the road to “Proof of Taste“!

Your Dalla Corte Team


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Milan, 10.10.2008

Topic: WBC espresso machine sponsorship More...

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